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My virtual fleet pay

My Virtual Fleet can offer small Carriers thousands of loads at great prices. Carriers can search by zip code, geofence and truck size. We will get you loads and make you more profitable. Trucking is huge business. Trucking is predicted to grow 21 percent from to Somebody has to drive all of those vehicles, of course, and the trucking industry employed 7.

It's not hard to get started making money shipping cargo with a straight truck or cargo van if you know the ins and outs of the business model and follow a solid plan. Start in the transportation business by renting, leasing, or buying a straight truck or cargo van. Straight trucks, also called box trucks, have cargo areas that range in size from 13 to 23 feet in length, and sit on an attached frame.

Cargo vans carry goods and products work well for smaller loads and nearby, time-sensitive deliveries. You can find both trucks and vans at truck rental companies like U-Haul, Ryder or Enterprise. You can also buy or lease them — new or used — from truck dealers.

Use rental trucks. Set up the shipping contract in advance, go rent the truck on the day of the scheduled pickup and delivery, and transport the goods from one location to another. Some rental places will also set up extended rentals for weeks or months at a time. A good way to get started is by helping people move across town, the state or even the country.

my virtual fleet pay

Find local small manufacturers who need to ship their goods within a fairly close proximity. Or small businesses that need to make same day and next day deliveries in your area. Trucking businesses charge by mileage and weight. Leasing a vehicle costs more and, in most cases, you commit to leasing over an extended period of time — up to 60 months.

But this option can still be better than buying a truck or renting one short-term. Primarily, your cash outlay upfront is less than buying. You can lease almost percent of the vehicle, while buying it may require a down payment of 25 percent or more. You do not want to tie up too much of your cash as you launch your business.

Also, if you transport goods on a consistent basis, a long-term lease probably will save you money over a short-term rental.Start simplifying receivables and cutting costs with WEX—your partner for secure, efficient payment processing. The WEX Payment WorkSuite platform sets the new standard for account and payment integrity through comprehensive security, extensible design and franchise management.

Flexible payment processing options are available to suit your business and streamline activities. Qualify for the lowest available interchange rates and save your business money with Level-3 data for transactions. Reduce exposure to risk with secure payment processing, including tokenization, and lower the burden of PCI compliance requirements on your business. We are certified to a comprehensive selection of processing platforms, giving you the flexibility to change merchant service provider or processor without loss of card data or transaction history.

CardVault offers credit card storage and tokenization to remove sensitive card data from your environment, significantly minimizing risk. Randomly generated tokens replace card numbers in your systems and transaction submissions, preventing card data exposure should hacking occur.

Easily manage payments with the EC-Zone web-based application—designed for storing card data and manually processing purchasing card and credit card payments, without special hardware or software.

Control user access by group, create templates for common transactions, and access comprehensive reporting. Advanced features allow you to send customers a pay-by-email hyperlink, schedule recurring payments, and securely store DDA bank account data.

With EC-Linx you can process credit card authorizations online or in a call center in real-time. EC-Linx can work directly with your e-commerce application, enterprise resource planning system, networked point-of-sale, or back-office finance system. For businesses with high-volume order entry, repeat invoices, subscriptions, or ongoing billing cases, EC-Batch allows offline or batch processing of card authorizations or settlement transactions.

They are out on the roads every day delivering goods to keep products on the shelves for those of us sheltering in place. And their drivers are on full force out there making deliveries through this pandemic.

my virtual fleet pay

With many stores shuttered, that type of freight is drying up, and we are doing more delivery transactions with brokers. They are paying high rates to haul, which had included bonuses, but there are no longer offering bonuses.

My Virtual Fleet Brokers

A majority of our freight is shuttle movement within a mile range for food manufacturing businesses. I have heard that Walmart has pushed orders to new levels. Their biggest single day to date was 2. These numbers have since leveled out to normal levels of pounds shipped. Some of the things drivers are faced with are long delays loading and unloading, and an inability to find places to eat on the road but their spirits remain high and they are grateful to be able to continue to bring in an income.After getting our log in on Monday, we had to deal with a plumbing issue at the house, so we really only worked My Virtual Fleet part-time most days of last week, with the exception of Friday.

On Friday we booked our first load from Statesville N. Lauderdale FL with Nolan Freight. We delivered the freight this morning JAN and all went well. FYI: We earned enough to cover the downpayment 3 times over so I guess we've already gotten our money's worth. They have loads in every state. Thank you. With My Virtual Fleet, finding available loads have never been easier.

Like many Box Truck and Cargo Van companies, I too find it very challenging to find a solution whereby consistent loads were available. In addition to the available loads, the training, the support and all of the tools readily available made my decision a very good decision of becoming a client of MVF. Great Job MVF!

We have used MVF for 3 days now and got our first load on the 2nd day. The tutorial was interactive and very informative.

Load Board for Cargo Vans

We hit a snag with our emails on the 3rd day and I emailed Sam who called and fixed it right away. We look forward to a long working relationship with MVF. A great tool for our entire staff. I want to thank you for My Virtual Fleet. We have been using this for quite a few years and it has become a large part of the service that we give to our customers. Not only do they appreciate the service but they now expect it.

Not only that but we also have gotten used to the time that we save and how things are now much more efficient.

my virtual fleet pay

Thanks again Sam for everything! Office Fax pheavila ccrtc. Buckeyeexpress bellsouth. With MVF, booking has never been easier.

This software definitely lightened our load--no pun intended. From booking to invoicing, MVF helped me get a strong hold on my operation. The drivers app is a great perk too. No more having to update brokers manually. Its all made super easy right from the start of booking the load. By automating en route updates, I haven't had a customer call me overnight since I signed up.

It is truly awesome.Mastercard offers various business cards to cover business expenses. Virtual accounts help you improve control, compliance and security while increasing the efficiency of accounts payable. Keep off-the-map expenses under control with tools that help track spending, improve compliance and strengthen overall fleet performance. But if you make smarter use of our card offerings, you can optimize your travel program by generating revenue streams and ROI, improve workflows and enhance user experience.

The most advanced business payment solutions can also be the safest. Innovative and cost-effective fraud solutions are seamlessly integrated into your business payments. Better understand the details of your business expenses with tools that help you monitor costs and maximize efficiency. Skip to Content. Business payment solutions for every occasion From ePayables to cards and more, we have you covered. What kind of card do you need? Fleet Cards Keep off-the-map expenses under control with tools that help track spending, improve compliance and strengthen overall fleet performance.

Related Products. Payments Optimization. Create a smarter, more secure and seamless payment experience for your corporate customers. Fraud Security. Smart Data. You are about to leave the Mastercard site. Are you sure you would like to proceed? Cancel Go to my bank.Being part of the nationwide Voyager Network allows you to grow your business while serving the needs of fleet customers. Beyond those in your community, drivers and fleet managers from across the country actively seek Voyager Network locations along their routes to purchase fuel, maintenance and other fleet-related items and services.

Both drive more revenue and growth through increased in-store traffic and repeat business from local, regional and national fleets. Voyager merchants are paid quickly and securely, giving you more time to focus on your business.

Bank and enter a third party website. Bank is not responsible for the content of, or products and services provided by the third party, nor does it guarantee the system availability or accuracy of information contained in the site. This website is not controlled by U. Please note that the third party site may have privacy and information security policies that differ from those of U. This site requires JavaScript to run correctly. Please ensure you have JavaScript turned on to view all aspects of this site.The Comdata Corporate Credit Card allows you to earn rebates for your business on every dollar you spend.

When used as a traditional purchasing card, the Comdata Corporate Card provides you with expense management reporting to help control spending, reduced transaction costs and increased compliance with organizational policies. The Comdata Corporate Card for purchasing is ideal for office or field-based employees who make frequent business purchases. Typical uses include:. Comdata provides comprehensive travel addendum data for greater spend analysis and overall policy management.

We also support data feeds to all expense management applications and enterprise solutions, such as Concur, iExpense, Oracle, SAP and many more. The Comdata Corporate Card for fuel provides customizable card controls, detailed reporting, flexibility and fuel discount opportunities to drive maximum efficiency and cost savings beyond the pump. Comdata has one of the largest fuel and repair discount networks in the United States.

Including retail, mobile and bulk, into a single program and single invoice to more effectively manage expenses. With powerful real-time data as well as Level 3 transaction reporting. Contact Support Contact Sales Login. Recommended Solutions No recommended solutions. Choose your Industry. Do you own or manage a fleet? Yes No. What is the size of your fleet? Do you own or manage a fuel site or convenience store? Is a function of your job Accounts Payable?

Does a function of your job include payroll or purchasing? Your reading list is complete! Are you still unsure of your specific solution? We want to help you. Speak with a Specialist to customize solutions to your specific needs. Contact A Specialist Try Again. Purchasing Card. Learn More Today!

Why Some Businesses Don’t Like Virtual Cards

Contact a Specialist. Expense Track Expense Track by Comdata is our cloud-based, automated expense management tool. Designed specifically for use with the Comdata Corporate Card, Expense Track allows cardholders to quickly generate, submit and approve expense reports. Virtual Credit Cards A virtual credit card is like a check, but better.

Deliver payments electronically with a secure, single-use MasterCard number. You benefit from added security and money-back rebates on your AP spending.Moving B2B payments processes away from paper checks to electronic payments can take a variety of forms.

One method marketed by major bankcard brands is the virtual card. Are rule changes needed so that suppliers have a say up front about whether they want to opt-in? Virtual card use is gaining momentum in the B2B market, with their use growing particularly in travel, invoice and health care payments, where use of paper checks remains common. But not all companies favor network automatic opt-in rules tied to acceptance of virtual card products.

Through virtual card products, issuers provide to companies specific digit card numbers they may use online or by phone to apply to specific transactions or payees, thus providing an extra layer of security compared with traditional card products.

There is no actual plastic card issued. Visa reportedly soon will launch a B2B tool to make it simpler for corporations to pay supplier invoices using virtual payment cards. Firms may embed the Visa tool, which is scheduled to launch later this summer, into their general ledger software, reports FierceFinanceIT. Visa said it expects a new solution in launched recently with SAP to help corporations who want to move toward electronic B2B payments and easily automate and process their invoice payments without the need for significant investment in custom software.

Virtual cards also have caught the attention of health care providers, which have mixed feeling about the products when used to settle claims. Health plans or their agents switch payments from check to virtual cards with no business discussion between the two parties, effectively automatically enrolling the provider in the program automatic opt-in.

Health plans or their agents are also incorrectly leveraging the card-network rules, which apply to consumer-to-business payments, and applying these rules to B2B payments, Downey said. HCA is not opposed to virtual card use because it may be appropriate for some providers, but it is against network rules that automatically opt in providers to accept such payments, Downey said. Virtual cards have been around for some time. One of the first companies to introduce them was Ireland-based Orbiscom, which MasterCard acquired in Though initially marketed primarily as a way for consumers to improve the security of online payments, virtual cards more recently have gained the interest of B2B companies, including firms in the travel industry.

Last fall, MasterCard announced MasterCard Travel Controller, which provides companies with information necessary to allocate charges to appropriate cost centers and allows them to expand control over travel spend by setting customer virtual accounts for each transaction.

Fleet card specialist Wex is among the major issuers of B2B virtual cards, providing a MasterCard-branded product to its fleet customers. Related Items:. Get our hottest stories delivered to your inbox. Click to comment.


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